Quick and Easy Photobooth Setup.

Last week when asked to shoot at a 21st Birthday, I was asked if I could set up a photobooth so that the guests could take photos themselves as I shot some more candid images myself. After some milling about I realised that the photobooth could be created entirely with the old equipment I had lying around.

The Equipment: For my photobooth I used:

  • My old D70s with a 24mm 2.8
  • A Manfrotto compact tripod
  • One light stand
  • The umbrella from my SoftLighter II
  • A Yongnuo YN560-II
  • Two Cactus V5 triggers and the D70 synch chord

It’s important to note that any items of this category can be used to substitute the particular equipment I used, the Cactus triggers can be substituted with any infrared or radio shutter release (There are even iphone apps for some newer cameras). You can also use near any brand body, tripod, hotshoe light, and reflective umbrella. The Setup _DSC8615You’ve likely noticed that I only had the two triggers, both of which were handling the remote shutter and neither dedicated to the flash. Thankfully, as I would not be in the way behind the camera, I was able to keep the flash on the camera hotshoe, whilst placing the umbrella directly behind it. Second, I didn’t have a backdrop. You may wish to carry a backdrop or look for a neutral wall if setting up indoors, however outside during a dark night, all we needed was a little application of the inverse square law to achieve a simple, black background. After you’re set up it’s just a matter of finding a model (Or yourself) to set your exposure and focus. Whilst the cactus triggers can focus the camera, I found it easier to flip into manual for spontaneity’s sake, and lay down a marking for where the subjects should stand. Here’s what setting up looked like: _DSC0026

Further Reading:

It’s very easy to set up a black background, but if you want to get a bit more creative check out some of the ideas posted by Photojojo



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