Reverse engineering your old photos.

Whilst I’m quite sure I’ve improved my photography since I started two years ago, and when I look back I’m shocked at just how naive I was. I don’t believe all of my photos were entirely bad, I didn’t know what I was doing but still there were those flukes where I got a shot I still like now. What’s important now is to look back and work out what I did, even if I wasn’t aware of it, that made these photos good.

For example: I was looking at this photo from a year ago (Note: Making sure your camera’s calendar is up to date helps a lot when backtracking old photos, one of my cameras still things we’re in 2006).

Whilst not one of my best this photo really stood out from the others I’d shot that day. When looking back I noticed there were very soft even shadows around the buttons, revisiting the deck where I’d shot the image I found the large white roof had worked as a diffuser for the noon sun and turned the light quite soft and pleasant. Looking at other images I’d shot at the same place confirms this:

In noticing this I’ve found outside my house may be a better location than I’d previously thought, and it makes me want to experiment more with scrims and overhead light.


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